Nominations for "Champion for Children Award" Being Accepted

The "Champion for Children" award is sponsored by the Foundation for Healthy Generations in partnership with the OSPI Student Support Office. This award is intended to recognize an exemplary individual and/or team committed to providing whole-child, school-based, social, emotional, and physical support to vulnerable, underserved populations of students and their families.

The individual or team chosen to receive this award will have actively demonstrated daily support for students with their efforts positively reflecting active advocacy for social, emotional, and physical wellness. In addition, please clearly articulate examples of their dynamic work to foster student resilience and identify the critical role they have played in creating a foundation for students to thrive in school, their future careers, and lives despite adversity.

Nominations must be received by Friday, April 7th. The award will be presented on May 11th at the 2017 Student Support Conference. To access the nomination form, go to:


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