National Prevention Week - Opioid and Prescription Medicine Misuse and Abuse Prevention

Did you know - there are numerous ways that everyone can reduce the availability of unused prescription medicines? 

DBHR and other Washington State agencies have joined together to help increase awareness of community strategies to protect youth and provide information to help prevent Opioid and Prescription Medicine (Rx) misuse and abuse.

  • We are in Week 5 of our 6-week Opioid Misuse and Abuse Prevention Campaign to reach parents and influential adults.  Download and share the Social Media Toolkit  messages and images to your social networks during each week of the campaign. This campaign features #SafeDisposalSafeKids, #SafeUseSafeKids, #SafeStorageSafeKids
  • We are building our library of resources on Athena click here to see what is currently recommended.
  • Check out the current DBHR Funding Opportunities - Prevention of Opioid Drug Misuse and Abuse

May 14-20 is National Prevention Week. Prevention of Prescription & Opioid Drug Misuse: Wednesday, May 17. To learn more, visit


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