Minerva Data Entry Training

DBHR is hosting an in-person Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Mental Health Promotion Online Reporting System (Minerva) Training (computers provided!).

  • September 25 at Wahluke High School in Mattawa, WA.

About this training:

  • This is in-person only, reflecting in part your input on what kinds of trainings work best for you.
  • The Wahluke Training will run from 10:00 am – 3:30 pm (lunch on your own).
  • After an introduction to the system, we’ll jump right into entering your real data into Minerva. You’ll have the chance to get in-person help with reporting actual programs and services. Make sure to bring your approved Strategic and Action Plans!
  • Can’t make it to Mattawa in September? We will be in Anacorest on October 4 and we’re planning a few more in-person, regional trainings for the Fall. Stay tuned for more information!

Please fill out this survey to start the registration process. Please complete this survey by the end of the day on September 21, 2017. Once this survey is complete, you’ll receive an initial confirmation email within the next two business days.

We look forward to seeing you then!

~DHBR Prevention

Wahluke High School (Mattawa, WA)


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