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Local regional and state prevention contacts

Below is a searchable database of local, regional and state contacts of professionals that work in publicly funded prevention agencies, organizations and programs. We hope you will find this to be a useful resource. We have done our best to keep this information up to date. Please feel free to edit update your contact information. To request a change to another person's information, please email the Athena Team.
Last Name First Name County Organization
Marshall Alia Whatcom NWESD 189
Marshall Danny Pierce Steilacoom Tribe
Martin-Keating Kelsey Mason SOCK Youth Center
Martin-Waters Peggy King Seattle Central Community College
Mathewson Sandy Clark ESD 112
Matlock Kelly Jefferson Jefferson County Public Health
Mattozzi Darren Lincoln Lincoln County Alcohol/Drug Center
McCarthy Margaret Clark Washougal Community Coalition
McGrady Karron Kitsap Port Gamble S'Klallam Community Network (Chi-e-chee)
McKee Racie A. Okanogan Omak School District
McKibben Billie Renton Area Youth and Family Services - West Hill Family Enrichment Center
McKinley Carrie Pend Oreille Pend Oreille County Counseling Services
McMullen Alan Thurston DSHS DDD
McNabb Trish King King County - Eastside Community Network
McNabb Melissa Spokane Community Colleges of Spokane
mcnew sarah Spokane Spokane Tribal Network: STR Cohort #5
McPhail Rosanne Pacific Pacific County Community Network
Mead Rose Pend Oreille Kalispel Tribe of Indians
Mednick Lora King
Mejias Carlos Thurston WA Assoc of Comm & Migrant Health Center
Meldahl Craig Skagit Mount Vernon High School
Mendez Beatriz DSHS
Mendoza Lucilla Thurston DBHR
Mendoza Anita Yakima YN CCAP
Mendoza Lucilla Garfield Quality Behavior Health
Methot Elizabeth King Northshore School District
Meyers Sarah Garfield PACE
Michaelis Charly Yakima Yakima Family YMCA
Miljour Julianna Mason Mason County Drug Abuse Prevention
Miller Lizzie Thurston Washington State Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery;
Miller John Skagit Samish Indian Nation
Moe Pete San Juan The Funhouse
Molyneux Wendy Spokane UNAFF
Montague Shanne Thurston HCA-DBHR
Montano Claudia The Next Door, Inc.
Montgomery Rachel Stevens Springdale Together On Prevention
Moore Caitlin Thurston TOGETHER!
Moore Nicole King Wonderwood Prevention Villiage
Moore Keri Snohomish Snohomish Health District
Morales Rebecca Pierce Franklin Pierce District