Learning Library

This is a resource library for you to learn about new prevention concepts, access data, or to find sample meeting agendas or reports. This page is intended to be a one-stop-shop for Washington State prevention providers to find and share appropriate samples of tools and learning resources that they can use.

Prevention 101

Are you just getting started? Look here for easy to use explanation about what is, and isn’t, prevention. This section also includes information about prevention practices and research about common strategies.

Definitions and Foundations

This quick and easy reference includes common prevention terms and acronyms.

Excellence in Prevention Strategies List

This is a searchable database of prevention strategies. Strategies described in this list come from three primary resources, the National Registry of Effective Prevention Programs (NREPP), a separate list of programs identified as evidence-based by the State of Oregon, and “Scientific Evidence for Developing a Logic Model on Underage Drinking: A Reference Guide for Community Environmental Prevention.”

Planning Frameworks

Let’s do something!  Most researchers agree that community-based prevention works best when community organizers follow an established planning framework. The framework provides structure for the work and a report card about how much progress has been made. Highlighted in the section are the Communities That Care (CTC) and Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) planning frameworks.

Statewide Projects

Interested in what is happening across the state? Learn more about various projects statewide projects by clicking the link above.



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