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Contractor Training

Thursday, August 31, 2017.
The required training will be from 8:00am-Noon.  
Optional DBHR technical assistance time from 1:30pm-4pm.

At the DBHR offices in Lacey, WA.

Why: The purpose of the training is to review and discuss the critical contractual components such as compliance, federal funding requirements and rules, service planning and implementation, billing, data collection, and other aspects of the contract.

Who Should Attend: Contractor Contact (on page 1 of contract), Primary Fiscal Staff, and Coalition Coordinators.

Per the 2017-19 contract Section 4.a.(6), Attendance is required for Contractor Contact and primary fiscal staff or their designee(s). Coalition Coordinators are welcome and invited to attend, however, should not be considered the Contractor Contact or fiscal staff’s designee for this training if the primary Contract Contact is unable to attend.

Please Register: By 5pm, August 11th

Please complete one registration for each person planning on attending. Once registration is complete, confirmation with additional information and driving/parking instructions will be provided.