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Practical Substance Abuse Prevention with Single-Session Wellness Programs


This is a free 45-minute webinar with three objectives:



7 Critical Facts About Synthetic Marijuana


Is synthetic marijuana like regular pot?  How is it sold and marketed?  Is it really safer than plant-based marijuana?



Webinar on Complete Marijuana Training: Part I


This is a free webinar designed specifically for school personnel, including teachers, counselors, administrators and school board members. 


Video on How Positive Images Are Used to Influence Health Behaviors

This brief video discusses the Behavior-Image Model (BIM) underpinning all Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs, the theoretical and practical support for using positive images for influencing health behavior change, two steps in connecting substance use with wellness behaviors in prevention messages, limitations to using positive images and how PPW addresses them, and BIM as a tool for increasing self-regulation skills.

View the video here:




Prevention Plus Wellness Parent Pep Talk Lesson & Teen Contract


Free Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Parent Pep Talk Lesson on Helping Your Youth Control Stress and Avoid Alcohol and Drug Use, and Teen Contract to Help Your Youth Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Other Drug Problems. 





Images in Alcohol Advertising, Prevention and Treatment


The purpose of this slide presentation is to examine and compare images used in alcohol industry, prevention and treatment/recovery advertising.  Recommendations for improving the effectiveness of alcohol and drug abuse prevention and treatment marketing communication and media campaigns are provided.



Video Introducing SPORT & InShape Prevention Plus Wellness Evidence-Based Programs



Video introducing the evidence-based SPORT & InShape Prevention Plus Wellness programs for youth and young adults



Webinar on Intro to SPORT & InShape Prevention Plus Wellness Programs


We are hosting a free 30-minute webinar for prevention and health professionals on: Intro to SPORT & InShape Prevention Plus Wellness Programss. 



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