American Lung Association: FREE Facilitator Training in Not On Tobacco and Freedom From Smoking program in Spokane, WA

This message is to announce a FREE facilitator training opportunity from the American Lung Association in Washington. Trainings provide certification in Not On Tobacco program to help teens quit smoking or the Freedom From Smoking program for adult smoking cessation. We hope you can join us.

Please note: Washington residents register free with discount code: freereg


Requirement: It is the policy of the American Lung Association that

Facilitators be tobacco free (including use of electronic cigarettes)

in order to conduct the program.

Trainings will be held at the Spokane Regional Health District

Please share with this opportunity with anyone that might be interested in becoming certified to lead smoking cessation groups in the community for teens or adults. For questions, I can be contacted directly at or by phone (206) 512-3291 for more information.

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